True Meaning of Love…


Just a four letter word.

But has a great meaning to it.

So, What is love? We use the word ‘love’ like so many times a day; “I love my dog”, “I love my best friend”, “I love food” or “I love sleeping”. Has anyone ever thought what does that mean?

Love happens when you have strong, affectionate feelings towards something or someone; you feel protective, warmth or respect for it; A fleeting emotion of care and like. You will feel like without that person or thing your day will not start or will not end, you’ll think without them you have nothing interesting in your life.

But love doesn’t always mean to have romantic feelings towards someone, as I mentioned before love means you’ll care for them or like them.

Love is when you appreciate the beauty of nature, you will fall in love with nature when you will be standing on the edge of a cliff and you’ll feel the cool breeze playing with your hair, your eyes will not get tired while drinking in the scenery as far as your eyes will go.

Love is when you don’t know cooking but still, try to bake a cake for your mother.

Love is when your mother stays all night, taking care of you when you are sick.

Love is when your dog is waiting for you at your doorstep and you too are excited to see him, although you tired after a long day of work.

Love is when Dad is working overtime so that he can buy your graduation present on time.

Love is when you love someone enough to let them go and trust that they will come back to you.

The fuzzy feeling you get when you’ll  know that someone cares for you? Yes, that is love.

The feeling of satisfaction when you finish the last bite of your favorite food.

Yep! That is your love for food!

“Love is involuntary.”

It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any place, when you won’t even know the meaning of love then too, love can happen.


“Don’t afraid to love and being loved. It’s the best feeling in the world.”


Problems are for forever!

A problema matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

Everyday hectic activities; school, work, office, exams, financial problems, relationship problems and a hell lot of more problems. There is no end to problems in one’s life. One after the other problem.

Actually, what will we call a life if there are no problems with it?

So what we do? Some try a lot to remove the problem from their life, but there is no use of that because if one problem exits from the door of your life, another one is already knocking at another. And others just say, “Fuck this, let’s have fun.” Because they have understood the concept of the problem.

 You don’t always need a plan to remove the problem. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust and let go and see what happens.

It’s okay to escape the reality when things are getting much worse, you worrying will not solve the problem. Actually, all of us do escape the reality without us knowing.

Drowning yourself neck deep in alcohol or music.

Lost in painting or reading a good book.

Hanging out with friends.

In one way or other we forget about reality for short time.

I think it’s relatable when we find a really good book, we sink into the story, flowing with characters, amazing storyline because we know that story is interesting than ours. Just for a short while, we live the life of the character, thinking in the same way as they do. And when we finish reading, we close the book with one big happy sigh.

That good, huh?

And then, there is music.


Saving the lives of students, keeping them from going mad from college/school assignments, homework, exams.

Think like this, when you have a new crush or serious crush on someone, you will not only listen to a song, you will understand the lyrics of that song, picturing different scenarios with your crush in your minds.

Been there, done that.

You found love? Great! Listen to some romantic songs.

You broke up? Awh! You make yourself feel bad by listening to sad songs.

Party? Why not! There are party songs.

What? You know how to play guitar? There you go, your escape from reality.

Ask from the painters; how do they feel when they are painting, do they even feel anything or they are lost in filling the blank canvas with different colors?

So did you see?

If the problem is a big thing in your life then do one thing forget them for short time.

Do you know? The problem with a problem is our attitude towards that problem. So change that attitude you’ll see what a great life you are having, which you were wasting away by worrying about your problems!